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Why Illuminated Signage is Important

Highly effective and economical, illuminated signage is flexible and affordable. These signs, as the title implies, do not possess an internal light source inside the sign. They can only be illuminated by an external lighting source to help them appear visible at night. But generally, they depend on illuminated text or colours to create an attractive effect. Illuminated signage cost depends on a variety of factors such as the type of illuminated signage material used, the type of illuminated signage panels used, the location where the sign is installed and the level of visual impact desired.

Types and Components

The main components of illuminated signage include illuminated letter panels, illuminated envelopes, illuminated labels, illuminated logos and illuminated graphic images. The illuminated signage cost of each component also varies depending on the manufacturer, the size and the specifications of the illuminated signage sign. Manufacturers of illuminated signage usually have standard formats that are available in a wide range of sizes. They offer custom-made illuminated signage products in different sizes and specifications according to individual client requirements.

Significantly, illuminated signage consists of several different types of signs. Some signs are designed for interior and exterior use, while others are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Common applications include illuminated letter signs, illuminated logos, illuminated signage panels, illuminated signs and illuminated labels. These channel letters include numeric, bar code, directional and omnidirectional signs.


In the case of channel letter signage, the illuminated letters are mounted on flat panels. These panels can be easily adjustable to create the desired letter widths. To create an easy-to-read format, many companies opt for illuminated letter signs that are printed on either a dark or light coloured paper. However, LED illuminated signs are preferred by some customers. These signs offer increased readability and legibility due to the absence of shadowing caused by printed lettering.

Besides, some companies use illuminated letter signs and illuminated graphic symbols on illuminated panels. These graphic symbols may include text, logos, icons and animations. Various companies also display animated channel letter signage on illuminated panels, which helps in making the sign more attractive and attention-grabbing.

illuminated signage

Materials and Attachment

Illuminated-signage materials generally consist of a clear or frosted substrate mounted on a rigid core or trim cap. Most of the illuminated signage material is made from acrylic, which is a plastic polymer. A substrate, which is typically clear, allows light to pass through the sign and onto the illuminated letters. When the substrate is frosted or laminated with a clear laminate, light is refracted and reflected, thereby creating an illuminated effect.

Typically, illuminated signs are either attached to the roof or suspended from the ceiling. Some companies use illuminated signs attached to the side of vehicles and at other locations such as toll booths. LED signs are popular because they are very low maintenance and last for years. However, illuminated signs require direct access to the sign so that they can be activated.

Signage materials that use LEDs are quite bright. Therefore, it is important to maintain them properly to ensure that the sign stays illuminated and in good condition. If proper care is not taken, the illuminated signage may eventually fade. For this reason, illuminated signs must be stored in a cool, dry place. A regular check of the illuminated sign’s glass is necessary to prevent fading. The illuminated signage must be kept away from high heat sources such as fluorescent lights, incandescent bulbs, kerosene lamps and the like.


Depending on the usage, illuminated signs can be either plastic or metal. These materials provide the best contrast between dark and light. Due to the contrast, the sign can draw attention more effectively. The metal illuminated signs are more durable and weatherproof. They also look more professional and stylish than plastic illuminated signs.

Another advantage of illuminated signage is that it allows the company to increase visibility and brand awareness by using bright colours and unique shapes. In today’s competitive business environment, visibility is essential for a company’s survival. With the help of a clear sign, customers will know what product or service is being offered. This helps build the reputation and customer loyalty.

To keep illuminated signs illuminated, they must be covered when not in use. The dust that accumulates on the illuminated signs is harmful to the signs. Therefore, illuminated signs must be stored in a dust-free location. When purchasing illuminated signs, make sure that they come with long-term warranties. You should purchase illuminated signs from an official dealer. This ensures a high-quality product and ensures that you purchase genuine illuminated signs.

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